Use pulsed light hair removal during the summer.

Using the IPL hair removal treatment during the summer is no different from using it during the winter. However, it requires more attention and care. We'll leave you some tips so you can use it safely.

  • Waxing boosts your self-esteem.

    Full, carefree, hairless summer starts NOW in winter.

  • The warmer temperatures are conducive to showing more of the body.

    At this time it is very common to go to the beach, get some fresh air or be on a terrace to absorb vitamin D. It is natural, therefore, to pay more attention to hair removal.

    Permanent hair removal is a great option for long-term and even permanent hair removal. It is the most effective way to remove hair without excessive pain, skin irritation and ingrown hairs. If you're considering doing your sessions at home with the MANA pulsed light epilator we'll leave you with some tips that you should keep in mind.

  • Can pulsed light cause skin blemishes in summer?


    The secret to success is to make sunscreen your best ally.

    If after permanent hair removal
    there is direct exposure to UVA and UVB rays, without using a sunscreen, the probability of dark spots will be greater.

  • Do you have tanned skin and can't do the sessions?

    MYTH, BUT.

    In tanned skin we have a greater concentration of melanin, and consequently a greater absorption of the light beam. As the pulsed light is driven by melanin, it will be necessary to use lower powers in tanned skins.

  • Can't I sunbathe on the day I shave?


    So that there is no skin sensitivity due to sun exposure, it is recommended that you do not expose yourself to the sun 2 days after the session to avoid burns.


    While it can be tempting to get out in the sun during summer vacation, exposing your skin to direct sunlight right after a waxing session can cause severe damage and skin irradiation.

    Wait at least 48 hours and keep in mind tip number one, but if you need to be exposed to the sun for any reason that you can't avoid, wear a piece of clothing that covers the shaved area.


    Exposure to UV rays between waxing sessions can make treated areas susceptible to burns and discomfort. If you plan on spending some time outdoors, make sure you apply sunscreen every two hours to ensure you protect the shaved area.

  • 3. Keeps skin hydrated

    It is essential to keep the skin treated, hydrated and nourished ALWAYS.

    Don't forget to drink plenty of water at any time of the year, but especially in summer. Plus, keep your skin hydrated by applying your favorite body cream daily. If you still don't have a favorite, maybe our range is what you are looking for.