From People, For People

It all started in 2019.

Two years ago, in a conversation between two friends we had an idea...

Our history...

In three words this project was born: Inclusion, Authenticity e Empathy.

Definitive hair removal has become a method every time most favorite among people and we all understand why. The technique promises a body without hair in a gilding way, without ingrown hairs and painlessly. Perfect for both women and men.

We have reflected on the cost associated with this hair removal method and think it can be very elusive for Portuguese families. Based on this reflection, the idea arose of taking permanent hair removal at home in an affordable way.

The authenticity of our products reflects on their high quality, safety and efficiency. Our ranges are extensively tested and thought through before they are released to you. We want the best for
each one of you and for the world, betting on reusable products from natural origins.

Gathering both values, they converge to the empathy we have for with the people. Each person for us deserves the greatest attention and all the affection, when looking for us. We listen to your doubts without generalizing, because each person is a person with unique characteristics. Thus, we are sure that our service is undoubtedly one of the strengths that sets us apart.

  • Continue to reach the largest number of countries with the preposition of good. We want permanent hair removal, from home, to be accessible to all people, as well as the other vegan products of our brand.

  • Promote body positivity for all shapes, sizes and shapes. No more hiding YOUR curves whether you're a woman or a man.

  • To be environmentally responsible in the decision as we work with beauty products so that they are more sustainable and reusable.


Marisa is 28 years old, has a Master's degree in interior architecture and is passionate about the female world. In 2019 she completed her course and realized that she liked to invest in other challenges that also completed her. She decided to be an entrepreneur in the digital world. Today she leads the creative direction of MANA.

Intends to reach people - this issue of empathy towards "people" was very strong through the sensitivity that he gained throughout his journey through architecture, the inclusion of people is essential in any aspect.

The theme of beauty must also be accessible to everyone.

Defends bodies of all shapes, sizes and shapes, wanting to represent real bodies, real skins and real experiences.