strawberry legs

Sometimes small dark dots, small red dots and even bubbles can appear. This effect can be avoided with some tips that we are going to offer you.

Before the tips, we also leave a summary of the causes.

  • clogged pores

    Open pores are vulnerable to absorbing dirt when it mixes with the natural sebum produced by our body, thus causing clogged pores.

  • folliculitis

    The growth of fungi and bacteria causes the hair follicles to become inflamed due to irritation. Initially they appear as small red bumps with white pus that look like spikes. When the hair trapped inside the inflammation tries to break through, it forms a red spot that darkens over time.

  • keratosis pilaris

    Keratosis pilaris is a common condition characterized by rough and uneven skin. It usually appears in people who have dry skin.

  • dead cells

    Did you know that we shed billions of cells every day from our body? These dead cells are replaced by healthier cells, allowing hair to grow from the follicle without any obstruction. When the dead cells start to accumulate on the surface, the hair gets stuck between the dead cell and the new cells, then the black dots occur.

  • Exfoliate before shaving

    Body exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells.


    Before depilation, regardless of the depilatory method, exfoliating your skin will greatly improve its appearance.

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  • lubricate the skin

    When using the razor to shave, it is essential to lubricate the skin so that the blade slides perfectly and to avoid cuts.

    Tip: You can use a hair conditioner for this process.

  • apply moisturizing cream

    If your skin is considered dry and, for that reason, it is the origin of strawberry skin, keep your skin always hydrated with body cream. If you can opt for creams of natural origin without alcohol.

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  • permanent hair removal

    If you have this problem, strawberry skin, it might be worth trying a permanent hair removal method. Both laser hair removal in clinics and appliances for home use are great options to eliminate hair follicles. This technique helps keep your skin more even.

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