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glow moisturizing shower gel

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After a year in creation, here I am!

I will deeply clean the dirt and pollutants of everyday life and at the same time I will leave your skin hydrated. That's how I work, I'm 2 in 1. Practical for a more accelerated routine and great for relaxing in a very warm shower.

The allies for my formula are essential oils, coconut oil, jajoba oil and monoi oil, which combine perfectly for an instant hydration bomb.

As for my soft foam, I don't even want to reveal myself, I'm ready to rub myself from head to toe on your body.

The result of my dear formula results in the combination of essential oils.

My characteristics:

- Formula with 100% natural ingredients.

- Velvety texture rich in vitamins for immediate hydration.

- I smooth out blemishes (coconut oil… works wonders) and help remove pimples for good!

- Developed and produced in Europe

Organic Farming Ingredients | Derived from natural essential oils | Dermatologically tested | 250ml

1. Antimicrobial protection (fungi and bacteria).
2. Helps maintain younger-looking skin for longer.
3. Deep cleansing of skin impurities and dirt.
4. Naturally glowing skin.
5. Protects skin color, keeping it looking healthy and golden.
6. Soothes the skin and soothes irritation.
7. Reaffirms the skin leaving it soft and radiant.
8. Instant hydration and hydrated skin for 24 hours.

AROMA: Innovative and absolutely addictive with a touch of refinement.

SKIN TYPE: For all skin types.

FREQUENCY OF USE: 1 time a day.

QUANTITY: A generous amount for your skin to be brighter and more even.

Organic Farming Ingredients | Derived from natural essential oils | Dermatologically tested | 250ml

Sulphate free
No Silicones
No Phthalates
Paraben free

1st step

Get undressed and get in the shower. Let's take a shower calmly.

2nd step

2. Once wet and ready, use a good dose and spread until foaming. Feel the aroma. Relax!

3rd step

3.Repeat daily and you will see the difference in your skin.

Formula made with LOVE:

  • Poop

    Knees and elbows will thank you very much for this ingredient.

    A pure and ideal ingredient for moisturizing the driest areas .

  • Cocoa

    It is an asset rich in vitamins such as A, B1 and E, and important minerals such as Iron, Magnesium and Zinc, therefore contributing to the nutrition of skin tissues and skin vitality.

  • Aloe Vera

    It will soften the skin with keratosis pilaris (famous strawberry skin) and attenuate acne scars. This powerful cleansing agent is perfect for both men and women.

    Yes, it is a product for the whole family.

  • Monoi

    This babe is one of a kind. Its properties are very special. In addition to helping to keep the skin firmer, it smoothes and gives an ultra healthy tone .

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If you're the person who doesn't often use a moisturizer in your routine, this is the essential product to add to your bath.

This moisturizing shower gel will become your greatest ally.

Use me often and you'll see my magic instantly spread across your skin.

Even skin? We all do.

Suitable for all skin types .

Durability: 3 months with frequent use.